Stats Update: February 23, 2009

Height = 5’11”

Weight = 405.2 lbs — I was actually heavier than this a few weeks before starting.  I lost some weight after being scared shitless about having diabetes.  I am going to try and find some initial MD reports, showing my weight at approx 480lbs.

Waist size (tape measure) = 64″
BMI = 56.4
Waist size (pants size) = 54″ Dockers
Blood Pressure = 130/58
Pulse = 90

Well, the liquid diet starts tomorrow… I’ll be doing my final blood work and DR’s visit. Also, will be picking up my liquids/meals for the week. More to come shortly.


After a follow-up appointment with my MD, I was diagnosed with Type-II diabetes. Not the best news I had on Monday; however, my MD feels it’s completely reversible. So how does this news affect me? Well, NOW I am consciously looking closely at EVERYTHING I eat. I’m finding out that a lot of the food I thought was healthy—or not so bad— is in fact VERY bad. I’ll post more about this later.

So, next week, I start a new dietary program called O.N.E. Weight. It is a physician monitored, liquid diet weight loss program. It is designed to give you a quick-start into losing weight. So, for basically “1” month, I’ll be on a liquid only diet. Then, “1” month of transitioning back to healthy food. This, combined with an exercise/education program, will hopefully help me lose around 50+ lbs. We’ll see.

That’s all for now… More to come soon.


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Hi. My name is William Sellers. I am a technology junkie; however, over the years—- well, I’ve put on some weight. TODAY, I’ve decided to really take my weight-loss and health seriously. I’ve put up this site to track my own progress; but to also provide help/inspiration to anyone else who is looking to change their life and be healthy.

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More to come soon… Stay Tuned.  Updated “Before and After” pics…

Weight loss can really be a difficult thing to get a hold of… If you never need support, gimme a call:  225-341-2727 — Just call at a reasonable hour… 🙂  I’m in Central Time in the US.